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Where and when did 'education' start? Education as in a person teaching other people's children?

What culture, or society... and what do you suppose (opinion) motivated someone to take other people's children and teach them...When did it shift from solely being the parent's responsibility?

It started in the earliest known histories of man kind when the entire village raised all of the children. If you watch nature shows, the animals still do that to this very day.


I see... then you believe that it was an evolutuionary thing--based on... need? I know that some animals behave in such a manner, and it is a group effort to 'teach' the young the necessities to survive. I guess I just never paid attention to how evolved those animals were compared to others.

Wolves are exceedingly interesting that way, huh?

Thanks for your answer Sumanita Taka... :-)


Cave men, If they did something wrong they where dino dinners. Years of watching wrong decisions makes way for change. We are a product of our environment. A combination of our mom & dad with an accent of all the people we've ever met. If we liked an action or responce in knowledge or otherwise, we would embrace it. Otherwise unlikeable things, we would discard them. Always changing and learning, molding us to this point in time.


I follow what you are saying ZZ, that there has been a need since the beginning of mankind to record in some manner and to pass along to the next generation, the lessons learned that facilitate survival. But I wonder at what point, one adult started to gather other people's children, and teach them?

Thanks for your answer... :-)


When humans and animals were created or evolved.


...probably before that...between God or devils or demigods.


HI Rudrak... I wondered when religion would find its way into the answer.

It seems that it has always existed...that there has been some mythology to explain why we exist. And in many cultures, (historically) the life of the common man revolved around the mythology of the culture. I sort of suspected when I posted this question, that religion may have very well been involved in the beginnings of education. There would have been a necessity to teach the children...the stories of ones faith. They can become very skewed if left to the teachings of individual parents. A collective arrangement would suit better.

But this is just a guess, and after this Q closes, I will likely do a little research to quell my own curiosity on the subject...

Thanks for your answer ... :-)


I didn't want to pull out religion and stand out as a religious person LOL! but since you took the discussion further to religion, i know...the ancient books of Hinduism mentions about Gurukul (teacher's house where students are taught). And the interesting thing is nobody knows when and by whom Hinduism was formed. Interpret it as you wish -)

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