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Has anyone vacationed in Alaska? Was it by cruise-ship, or other means of travel? It is supposed to

be really beautiful, with many different tour offerings. Are you lucky enough to live there, perhaps, amid such diverse cultures?

all i can say is that i have several friends that have visited alaska by cruise ship and they all rave about it, i am very jealous...
the advice is take the cruses that allow for embarking on smaller ships that go further inland, a treat of a lifetime....
before i change countries i will do this, last chances and all that....
gbob is the one that you want this answered from...


Your answer was terrific, thank you very much!!


free, I think when people live there and have to work there, the answer will be different from vacationers


i agree, that is the beauty of a vacation, one can chose the best time....just between freezing ones butt off and the skeeter season? nevermind the deer flies..been there, done that....


When we took pictures of the Salmon Glacier (Salmon River) , we were bombarded by the biggest mosquitos I ever saw. I took one picture and I had to hurry back into our little car for a moment to collect my senses until returning to take another picture. At one point, in a wooded campground, we had to wear mosquito gear, nets around the head. Dont forget those before you go north.


It depends what your age is, whether you can afford to vacation longer, I would give you the tip renting a small truck camper and stake out your own routes and points of interests. My husband and I are full-time campers and in 2003 we made an Alaska tour for 3 months with our 34' motorhome we owned at that time. We were a little restricted, confined to the roads only, wheras a truck camper can park almost everywhere in the wilderness. We drove every road there is. We entered from Glacier Ntl. Park in Montana on the east side, drove through Alberta, British Columbia, Alaska ( Alaska Highway or ALCAN), Yukon Territory, drove the entire Yellow Head Road through some Canadian Provinces in direction east and exited Canada near Winnipeg. It was awesome. If you are a fisherman, don't forget your gear to catch Salmon and some bigger freezing boxes. Don't forget your camera. Because of the high fuel prices right now you might concider making the tour with a couple of friends to divide the money. The glaciers are so awesome, the landscape also everywhere, it is hard to describe. At least you should concider to go there "somewhen", when the condition is just right for you to see very much and linger a little longer.


Hello Karin! I hope that 'somewhen' happens soon for me. You have had an experience of a lifetime! It sounds like a fantastic journey. Thank you for your recommendation and input.


My aunt took a cruise ship to Alaska and was very impressed with the beauty she saw!


I've only seen documentaries, but I can imagine how impressive it is to actually be there. Thanks for your reply!!

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