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What benefits are there to using a Travel Agent? How about disadvantages?


If you have a complex itinerary, then they are good at working out the details in getting you from A to B to C, plus finding hotels/cars or tours. This also applies if you have a number of people in your traveling party. Plus some folks aren't that savvy on a computer. It does lower the strain level in that case.


Good points pb_bb. Would be useful for extensive business travel and those either don't have access to a computer, or don't want the hassle. ;o) Thanks for answering.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Will never use one in the States again.......too pricey and I can do a lot better myself........Only one I ever used left 3 of us in a room in Hollywood, Ca. with one bed. When I finally go overseas I realize I may have to use one.....or is it somewhat easy to travel in Europe without an agents help?


I've never used one, personally. This day and age with so much access to technology and bargains, don't see the point. You do make a good point about traveling overseas. I always saw those Travel Agents, years ago in the mall, offering up cruises and luxurious travel destinations. The posters were nice, at least, lol. ;o)


When you use a middle-person, you're just getting someone else that can point fingers if something goes wrong....problem with your ticket....airline blames the agent...agent blames are stuck. If you eliminate the middle-person, then you eliminate the hassle.


Yeah, and the middle man always mean, more bucks being passed around. Very practical point you make Ed. I'd prefer my money to go straight to the source. After all, how much accountability and control do they offer anyway? Maybe it's all hype about selling you travel insurance, hmmm. Maybe I'm on to something here. Thanks for answering! ;o)


I know when I worked for the Government and had to fly to another State we had to use Delta Airlines and it didn't matter if they were more expensive or not...United Airlines were usually less expensive but the Government had a contract with Delta...So you had no choice when it came to the Travel Agency...It really depends on where your going and if you have like AARP or some discount advantages....I use my computer and arrange everything myself now and that way I know there isn't going to be any hidden charges or surprises lol:


Oh, I do understand the Government Awarded contracts, Queentoad. Most of those jobs that were formerly government jobs are not outsourced. I think that is one really positive advancement in Technology, using the Internet to make travel arrangements. I've made many a flight plan, found routes, hotels, rental cars all online. I could not imagine paying someone to do something that is so simple to me, though time consuming. Thanks for answering QT. ;o)


I travel a lot and have never seen any advantage in using a travel agency. Once, I got stuck in Oslo during an airline strike, and I called the agent to ask what my options were, and what rights I had. Could I book another flight an expect a refund from my airline?

The agent told me to talk to the airline. I said the airline is on strike, nobody is answering the phones. They said ask to speak to the supervisor. And so on and so forth.

Ultimately, the travel agent isn't getting paid by you so they must be making htei rmoney somewhere, and the only option left is from the airlines and travel industry.


Interesting Lester, I wasn't aware that you didn't pay the Travel Agent. Am I mistaken? Maybe you do up front, but it's reimbursed by the travel industry. Horrible that you had that experience. I've never used a TA, so I simply don't know how they operate. I'm curious why you chose to use them in the first place, and what advantage you initially thought benefited you by utilizing their accommodations. Have you given up on using a TA in the future? Do you make your own travel arrangements now? Hope to hear more; if not, thanks ever so much for your reply. ;o)


Hi Imp,
There are probably some circumstances where a TA has more know how or experience for a particular venue, but it is at a cost to you. I've not used one in several years, and make all my airline, hotel and car reservations online. I've had great luck, tho I did end up at a less than wonderful hotel for a night last year; but changed on the fly to one that was spectacular.


Hi Ron! I recall thinking the same thing when I used to see kiosks about town where TA's would feature cruise packages. OH, how I would dream of traveling so much when I was younger. Seems the internet has run many out of business, don't you think? I found a few great hotels online, where you can view rooms with the 360 viewpoint, seeing the layout of the landscape, pool area, rooms, etc... all of which have really been instrumental in locking down a great reservation. I also love to read the reviews online from many of the hotel chains. Sometimes a room is just a room when you are traveling, but if you can find a comfy set up, with really good atmosphere, sure makes for more hospitality and a pleasurable, lasting experience that can be unforgettable. ;o) =)

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