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We are going to be building 40 low income homes in Bountiful Utah. I'm looking for an HVAC person

that would be willing to work there for us for approximately 2 years. Anyone know of someone that is looking for work? We will pay $96 thousand a year plus per day expenses.
The Oracle:

What happens after the 2 years?...They get, like another job with you as carpenter or something for $3,000,000 a year plus expenses?




Oh Rick, Will you ever let up??


What part of Bountiful? There is no room left on that mountain top city to build.

The Oracle:

Wowza!....That's pretty durn' good money......more than most McDonald's workers get.....pretty close to $50 bucks an hour 'aint it?.......Geez, this oughta' just get you a ton of responses......hahahahaha!........How will they get in touch with you?.....Do they allow mail where you are?...wherever that is....


[email protected] or 206 842 5725 you never respond

The Oracle:

Alrighty RICK, I shall leave you alone now........I've had my fun, and presumably you have had yours. I just now came across your post, your answer to my "alphabet soup" question.....What I fail to understand is why you would post there, and not under my "big" post where I had asked if you kindly would give us all an explanation- particularly about my friend "old diesel".....about whatever happened......I'm not out to harass you RICK, I was having fun, and you gotta' admit, with all the things you've said on here- you yourself admitting it now and then- you kinda' deserved it.....but whatever, we are all who we are I guess. I have never, ever, received an email from you, nor a message. I have no idea what you are referring to you.....In MY emails to you - I explained (as you just did somewhere else) that I cannot access anything on MSN EXCEPT QnA, not my profile page, not my email, nothing.....barely QnA. I further posted my email address to everyone publicly, because I had...and probably still will, intended to leave QnA. I used the email address that you gave right here on QnA several you say this is no good, yet you posted it yourself......OK, whatever.....I'll give this all the benefit of the doubt and assume you never received anything nor did I. Still, this leaves much unanswered, like 'old diesel' (you had promised help, next thing I hear is like he sounds suicidal- would this not bother YOU?- it bothered me....)....and again, why would you post in various places rather than right where I asked you? I don't get it my I said in the "big" post I left you- I STILL don't get it. I apologize- only fair enough- if you think -as you put it- "I am doing a number on you".....Not my intent- never was. I'm simply trying to get the straight skinny.....after all, what do I know anyway?......I'm just an Oracle.

It's [email protected]

Peace.....good luc

The Oracle:

Your email to my above address was just now received and fully responded may even post it publicly if you wish.


WOW that is ore than you pay your pretend office manager...having fun yet??

The Oracle:


The Oracle:

P.S. :Don't you think it a little odd that someone would be advertising here on QnA for this?......hahahahaha.....further interested is the answer from ScottD: "I shall alert the locals I know"...hahahahahaha....and what's 'per deim'????...hahahahaha......I gotta' admit, I really do, if nothing else..RICK is really good for some laughs..hahahahaha....I LOVE QnA....ROFLMAO!..hahahaha..I can't stop laughing...hahahahahaha!


Oracle, you ever check your email? mines [email protected]


I shall alert the locals that I know and trust. $96K plus per deim ought to attact the best in the business.


Scott we just converted to a 501 non profit and the world has opened to us. The govt is bending over backwards to help us.


yes, we are; where do we apply?

The Oracle:

Please don't fall for this and get disappointed......

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