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I am thinking about becoming a prison guard, cuz I like to work with people, how do I start?


You fill out a Civil Service Exam and the Dept of Corrections and go from there:)


actuyally you train while you are paid, THEN you take their test.Thats so you will PASS their test-


i would start by checking my state's department of corrections (or whatever it's called in your state) website.............there is probably something there giving you info about such things as minimum qualifications, salary and so on.......


You can also apply for guard positions at the Private prisons. I think you are going to be disappointed. Working with prisoners is not the same as working with people.


Yeah, watching and escourting peole in cages, isnt really working with people- in prison, as a CO, you go along with any abuse the guards choose, or you loose your job if you say anything about it- Im just telling you how it is in there, alot of the guards should be on the other side of the bars.

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