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Would you favor mandatory polygraphs for police officers when arrests are made?

Cops always ask suspects to undergo polygraphs, should they be asked to submit to them as well?
One Twisted Child:

Considering they are not admissible in a court of law, I do not see the sense in it. Furthermore, although there are many who say it can't be done, polygraphs have been beaten time and time again. Personally I no longer put much stock in them as an investigative tool.


I ask the question because law enforcement puts so much stock in them. When someone is murdered, for example, the first thing they do is ask the spouse to take a polygraph. If they refuse, then it becomes a "what are you afraid of" issue. Maybe if they had to take them too, they wouldn't be so pushy about other people taking them.

?mT 4 l??e:

No, the same way as 'full time' criminals learn to beat the test crooked cops would do the same. Criminals with split personality disorders routinely pass the test, i guess any cop with the same disorder would also 'pass'. Twisted makes a good point, as they are not admissible in any court i think until they are infallible they should play no part in any investigation, crooked cop or criminal alike.


No. The amount of time money and effort to pull this off would simply lead to much less arrest taking place.

?mT 4 l??e:

If they stopped annually arresting and locking up 800,000 simple marijuana possession cases our cops would have time to do a lie test with every arrest and still have time to master Chinese and Swahili.


Fewer false arrests and setups too.

?mT 4 l??e:

yep, forgot about them!, do they have any time for real crimes???


It's easier and safer for them if they set someone up, rather than trying to catch someone. Entrapment, for example is illegal but if you can't prove you were entrapped, the cop's word is taken as evidence over yours, especially if there are more than one of them. This, in my opinion, is the same thing as having to prove your innocence. A polygraph might help to exonerate you in some cases.


So your saying it's not a good idea to spend over 70% of our "War on Drugs" money on marijuana instead of spending it to fight real drug problems such as meth or heroin? Dude, Arti that's waaaay to sensible an approach. A politician you'll never be.

Samuel Deva:

I would be in favor of removing the cops' right to lie in order to gain evidence to build a case for an arrest... Polygraphs are a bunch of hog manure, inaccurate and easily alterable...


Then why do we allow them to be used by the cops with which to build cases?


For what the are inadmissible in court


True, they are, but that's not my point. Cops use them to determine whether or not someone should be a suspect. If a person fails a polygraph, it's all over the news and they're guilty in the court of public opinion. All I'm saying is that if cops can use them in investigations, shouldn't they be have to submit to their own methods of determining whether they should be further investigated themselves?


Things are so bogged down as far as court proceedings go, your idea would really bollix things up. $


Not if there were fewer bogus arrests.


Successful polygraph testing requires the subject to believe the test to work. It only works if the subject believes it will. It does not work if the subject is not afraid of it. Results, even when it works, are inconclusive. It is only a tool investigators use to gain psychological advantage over the subject. There are simple exercises you can practice to give constant false results. The polygraph is an outdated bogey-man hauled out to scare people, cops would likely laugh at the prospect of regularly taking one.


Sometimes I think Officers should take polygraphs, think about all the innocent people that have been sent to prison off of lies a police officer have told just to cover his/her own behind. People don't like to believe SOME cops are corrupt


Texass, I can't believe I actually agree with you on something. Either I'm getting stupid or you're getting smart. Which do you think it is?


As it is unlikely such "examinations" will ever be admitted at trial why bother? The only point in a suspect agreeing to polygraph is a demonstration of individual stupidity.


In a high profile case, when a suspect fails a polygraph, they're guilty in the eyes of the public. If the cop had to take the test and failed, HE would be guilty in the eyes of the public. What's good for the goose.....

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