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Goodbye, Cruel World

Gambling, loan-sharking, extortion, business & labor racketeering, infiltration of legitimate

businesses, printing of worthless money: These are classic activities of organized crime. The question is: Have our tax-evading and corrupt public officials just moved these activities into government activities? Your thoughts on how the recent "rescue" plans match up with the fear and intimidation tactics of criminals and other criminal aspects of these rescue plans.

I do see a lot of similarity there Criado, indeed I do!!!


I thought was a question about Congress... Oh, it is. That and the lobbyists that control them.

Goodbye, Cruel World:

Make sure those lobbyists include all the special interest groups on both sides. The Acorn-types are as much lobbyists as the Exxon-types.


Quite so. They come in all flavors and all sizes. Sorting them out is an endless task. At least Exxon provides a needed product in the end.


Wall Street has stolen more money last year alone than the mob did in its entire history. There is no comparison.

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