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So who (Names) are going to be on the President Bush end of term Presidential pardon list for, what?

So who do you think are the Names that are going to be on President Bush's end of term Presidential pardon list, and what little thing's did they do? Will Presidential pardons be available on eBay or will it only be friends and family?

As Per the DOJ Database totals Log (No Names)


For starters it would be nice to see those two border guards released.


I agree.


"Ramos' and Compean's odyssey with the law began on a workday on February 17, 2005, near El Paso, Texas. Ramos and Compean were guarding the Mexican border during the regular course of their job and intercepted a van that contained almost 750 pounds of marijuana being smuggled over the border for sale to U.S. citizens. Ramos and Compean tried to stop the drug smuggler, who was engaged in the illegal activity of smuggling drugs over the border from Mexico to the U.S." (1)

"In their attempt to stop the illegal drug smuggler, Ramos and Compean fired their guns. The guards were convicted for allegedly shooting one bullet into the buttocks of the drug-smuggler. The two U.S. Border Guards were also charged with failing to report the discharge of their firearms. (1)

(1) Eagle Forum Urges President Bush to Pardon Border Guards
By Kimberly West, published Jul 17, 2007​ident_bush_to.html


Hard to beat Clinton, isn't it?


Hello Rick:

That was a long list.
January 20, 2001 U.S. Department of Justice

Hope everything is good in your world
Best Regards


Not Rick: He's L S.


Ok, Thanks Orbdeblue


I was wrong! Sorta. I have been cloned!

John P:

I hope he does not pardon anybody that does not deserve to be.


The people that are on the list are VettEd by the DOJ, But the big question is how and why a name is add to the list? The system does have a hole or two. but once a name is in the system, and how a person in VettEd is a very tightly controlled program.

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