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Should Ruth Madoff be entitled to keep the $69 million in property and accounts?

Madoffs' lawyers said $69 million in property and accounts belonged to Ruth Madoff and was unrelated to the fraud. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?

Since the jury is still out, it is irrelevant whether we believe her or not. In law there is a term, res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself. If Ruth Madoff can prove unequivocally, that the $69 million in property and accounts belonged to her, and were acquired by her--before the marriage, and that she, in no way participated in the criminal activities of her husband, then she is entitled to every penny. BUT, and this is a really big BUT, if it can be shown that she, in any way participated, or that the money and property was acquired in the marriage, making it community property, therefore not exclusively her property, then she needs to get a job and kiss her money and property goodbye.


Did Ruth Matoff have a job? Is it her money? Did she inhereit? If she didn't earn it -- or acquire it apart from Bernie Matoff, PONY UP!! Until we are ready to destroy people who destroy others, our financial system will remain in crisis -- and we will have NO confidence in the system.

And, by the say, the SEC? Who received MULTIPLE warnings about this Ponzi Scheme? Somebodies ought to go to jail.


That didn't take rocket science.


SHE was smart enough to put it in her name?

Da Swok:

NO ! The Madoffs lived in the lap of luxury at their investors expense, many of whom have been left with nothing. Why should she be able to continue that life style while so many people that trusted them with their money have lost their retirements and life savings?


The fraud began in the early 90s. They made a lot of money in the intervening years. If they were to get divorced their property would be considered community property, so why should this be any different. It is their money, as their money he had access to it and use of it, if there are fines to be paid why should it not come from their money.


No. It's an old mobster trick. Not very believable IMHO.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

It is time for her to give it up. I will never believe that her lifestyle is protected legitimately. I think the whole family should be taken to the cleaners.


Hell to the No its stolen money he cant rip the reward from stolen money why should his wife they are both just plain GREEDY drug dealers don't get to keep the money they get from illegal act nor do there wife's . they are no better then them even if they do think so


Doesn't mean it's right but he was smart enough to put everything in her name.

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