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Anyone here in the hotel industry? How is it?


I work for a rather large hotel corporation. I am leaving! I believe to each his own, but, there is job security in the hospitality industry. The pay is definitely not up there, though. I will no longer work for a corporation due to the cutthroat factor when trying to advance within your company. However, there are no guarantees when working for a privately owned hotel, either. As a whole, I would not get into it. You deal with customer complaints on a daily basis and as a front desk representative you have to apologize for other workers' mistakes. If you're looking to get in to management, that's a different story. You're not at the front lines taking all the issues head on. Only the major ones. Everyone I work with is absolutely happy with our manager, including me, but are absolutely dissatisfied with their job and their pay. At other hotels in our district I have worked for (6 of them), all of the employees are dissatisfied as well. It's not just our company either. As a front desk clerk you are required to call other hotels in your area to see what their rates are at and the majority of those employees complain as well. I would head elsewhere if you're looking for a customer service job. Try a bowling alley of something! That's a fun environment. The ultimate decision is up to you. I'm just giving my experience and others as well. Sorry so long, just wanted to give as much info as possible.


I visit them often, does that count?


The best seem to hail from

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