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Is Pizza a health food? Antioxidants??


Pizza can definitely be a health food, depending on how you prepare it. Pizza is one of those foods tht has absolutely endless possibilities. For starters, the tomato sauce alone is rich in lycopene!!


thx Grannie!


You get your 5 food groups. Meats, veggies, dairy, grains, fruits. (tomatos are fruits) I used to joke that it was the breakfast of champions- since that's what was usually for breakfast on saturdays. With some of the new toppings showing up at higher end pizza places (spinach alfredo pizza w/ sun dried tomatos) you can have a healthier pizza.


sounds good to me!


jag- the only real drawback pizza has is that it is high in fat. A health food, no, but it is one hell of a lot better than most other fast foods.


I love it!
thx russ


good morning jageedy, u could make it healthy by making the dough whole wheat, and just putting on vegetables, and good stuff, homemade pizza with lots of garlic,in the sauce i mean, I hear garlic cleans anything out


I love all kinds of Pizza!!
thx sacajawea!


Probably depends on the toppings and how much grease there is but I won't give up pizza!!


Pizza could a healthy food when prepared it according to the original Neapolitan recipe and style (thin and with tomato and mozzarella cheese topping).


Depends on what you put on it.

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