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On the cooking channel, who is your favorite chef/cook to watch? Who is the most annoying?


Rachel Ray is getting annoying.......I like that guy Alton Brown. He makes cooking like a chemistry lab!!


Elaine, I agree about rachael. I liked her better when she was doing her own thing instead of all this Oprah stuff. Alton is a hoot, he's kinda like the Bill Nye of cooking.

I like watchin' Bobby Flay... Boy Meets Grill. Lidia is good to watch too... she's got some great recipes that taste wonderful.



Alton Brown, he is so funny.
Rachel Ray is 2nd.
Nobody is annoying to me.


I like Alton too. I was telling Elaine that I do like rachael but i am not so certain abou this new gig she's got going... too much of a talk show and fluff. She was so funny when she was doing her other stuff.

Texas Girl:

paula deen, went on her tour in savannah ga. great time. met her husb. he is a sweet ole teddy bear. her sons are eye candy


hey sami, i forgot totally about our southern bell Paula. I do love watching her...she crazy. Her Hubby does seem nice... he looks like a Santa Clause, and Paula reminds me of the Real Life Miss Piggy (whom I do adore by the way) and her boys... well, you already said it... Eye candy :)

Uncle Rayray:

Alton Brown
Paula Deen
Are all awesome
The one that bugs me
is that lady who's clothes match her kitchen
Sandy is her name


clothes match her kitchen, LOL, THAT'S FUNNY



Alton Brown: He makes learning about food and cooking fun. It seems that on half of his shows I say "So that's what I was doing wrong".

Paula: Southern cooiking is the very best you can eat.

Emeril: Fun to watch.

Most annoying:

Sandy (something or other) who is an editor of a cooking magazine: She is so monotone that I can't stand listening.

Gina: Don't find it appealing to watch chef who looks like she vomits as soon as she eats it.

Racheal: She may be eye candy, but her food tastes like crap.

Texas Girl:

you are right on about sandy, cant stand to listen to her




She's cool... I just think she's gotta a little to talk show hostie these days.


Favorite - Paula Deen
Annoying - The almost homemade lady aaahhhggg!!!


Yes I agree 200% WITH YOU tntsugar... Almost homemade lady is pretty lady but BORING!


Cat Cora
Paula Deen
Mario Batali
Giada De Laurentiis
Bobby Flay
Rachael Ray
Alton Brown

Annoying: NONE.......

I practically live on the food network...
Or at least wish that I lived there :) ........


I love the station too. I adore Bobby Flay...he's so easy to watch. Also Tyler Florence is pretty good too as is Giada. I don't get to watch Mario too much or Emeril but they are fun to watch when I get the chance. :)

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