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Why would a Seafood Restaurant Slaughter a Goat in their kitchen that killed one woman from E coli?​bcab0.htmlWhat would be your reaction if you had ate at this fish joint?**to the beat of goat fish**

That's rather sickening, to say the least. I'm afraid you will find a lack of responsible behavior just about everywhere you go. It is not the fault of the restaurant itself, but the fault of whoever they chose to put in charge. Whatever the reason behind this, gross! When I eat out I'm afraid the trust put in these people may be a bit much after all.


It is sickening....thanks jbear


ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nasty!!!!! i dont even like goat meat...but seafood sounds good...maybe it is better bout lunch????


lvn4hm you are a card. do you take extra postage for all your humor and sweetness?;0}


what up girl.. sure let's go have some goatfish..

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

To cook it and sell it.....I wouldn't eat goat at a fish maeket




It turns out that the kitchen and other help were illegal aliens from Mexico. They were being paid extremely low wages and couldn't afford to by meat in the store. The purchased a goat and slaughtered it in the the restaurants kitchen.


They definitely should not have done that. That creates a slew of health issues. That being said, my guess is to eliminate the threat of the goat killing someone else.

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