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If you could have a choice of any type of drive thru restaurant, what would it be and why?


Maybe we need to go in business and make one of our own? I do work in the food and beverage industry, it is a demand that's not being met. I however don't have the health to start it. I do have the knowledge, just not the stamina it would take to make it work.


Heck yea! Why can't Folks or Piccadilly put in a drive thru window? SOOOOOOOOOOO perfect!!! :D


Jack in the box, Best selection of food.


It doesn't exist. I wish someone would invent a drive thru that served home cooking in family style volume. Pull up to the window and be able to order meatloaf, mashed potatoes, turnip greens, and biscuits for a family of four. The restaurant could have 4 entrees and maybe 6 side items to choose from. I bet it would be a hit!


i would like to see one that serves everything no matter what style you want so if each member of your family wanted something different things you would only have to go to one place mother can dream cant she


I thought boston market was something of that nature. I know I wouldn't risk a venture into a drive thru piccadilly. Few of us like healthy the masses however prove to be on the fast food diet.


Ihop pancake house...Flip those blueberry pancakes on a plate with a side of bacon..Oh yea;)


bojangles -- cajun chicken


At the moment, Taco Bell, because I already have heartburn so I could go ahead and eat that burrito, and taco salad and then eat 10 tums. Get all my vitamins and calcium in one sitting. ;^|


I knew you were into bacon


Ok now I want a taco and some strawberry crepes! That explain my choices!




or Tim Hortons for the Julies of QnA.

Mickey2007: a hurry need coffee fast (also they have nice selection of sandwhiches)


McDonalds only because I like what they more than any other drive thru restaurant.


Cap'n D's! I sure miss that drive thru!
I guess anyplace that serves seafood would be right up my alley especially if they had drive thru service. That's one thing seriously lacking in this part of Alberta! :-)

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