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What restaurant serves the best barbeque ribs, and are you being served beef ribs, or pork ribs?

Do you know? When you make them at home (if you make them at home) which are you making--beef or pork?

Nicks, OC Maryland
Beef ribs and no points for this answer so you know they aare great Willow.


They must be good, Ski!! Thanks for the info :-)


Famous Dave's
Legendary Pit Barbeque® award-winning ribs, chicken and sandwiches.

I worked with Dave for 5 years (Grand Casinos). I have never seen a person work harder at the art of cooking ribs.

Please try:
Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues Location:
3001 Hennepin Ave., So. (Calhoun Square), Minneapolis, MN 55408
I will show up Wed, or Sat for the stage show's, Sunday AM uptown bar & grill


HI Low Voltage :-) That sounds familiar "Famous Dave's"... does he do the touring competition? I have been to a few rib cookoffs in Pittsburgh. I would love to travel to the upper midwest, but it is not on my list for a while:-)
What do you do at the stage shows??
Thanks for a great answer, and if anyone reads this that is in the area, I hope that they give it a try-- and say "hello" to you while they are there :-)


A restaurant about a mile away called Sweet Baby Ray's. That's also a BBQ sauce. The owner of the company lives in my little suburban Chicago town and he opened a take-out store in two locations near here. Actually, though, I like the ones we cook better. (We use pork ribs.) We still use Sweet Baby Ray's but we grill them instead of bake, then grill. Ours are chewier. I don't like them as well really tender so the meat falls off the bone. BBQ ribs is all about the sauce. Just Like spaghetti.


HI Maggie. I have Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. I really like it. I like to put some cajun seasoning on the meat (chicken, beef or pork), let it sit in a bowl for about a half hour before I grill them, then spread Baby Ray's on for the last ten minutes or so...
The bottle has the Sweet Baby Ray story on it... that is neat that you live so close to the restaurant :-)
Yeppers, it is all about the, the meat is just the vessel to get the sauce to the mouth ;-)
Thanks! :-)


True enough, Willow!! (I'm going to try your cajun seasoning...never tried that and I LOVE spicey. Thanks)

Broken Bokken Productions:

TGIF Beef ribs


Thanks Z100X1... I will give them a try if I get to TGIF...


anyone that cooks them over an open flame..!!! I like ours the best though... usually beef ribs with Santa Maria Style Seasoning on them... and oak chips in the bbq!!


I like an open flame, too, mom! "Santa Maria " style seasoning?? What is that?
Thanks for answering :-)


here willow... there is a link for it too....


I love TGIF Beef ribs there awesome and melt in your mouth...I usually use beef ribs and put my homemade bar b que sauce on them and grill until golden brown:)


HI QT! I have never tried TGIF ribs, but I am a fan of their, I had one once (pomegrenate)... I rarely get to a TGIF, but will have to make the trip to try the ribs!
Do you cook the ribs for a bit before you grill them, to tenderize them? I have read that that works quite well?
Thank you!! :-)


Joe's Bar B Q in Whiteville, N.C.


HI Wonderer, I like your user ID :-) I fancy myself a wonderer, also :-)
If I get near Whiteville, I will have to give it a try.
Thank you :-)


I have yet to find a restaurant that could match my BBQ pork, beef, lamb ribs smothered of course in my secret special BBQ sauce.

When I make them I make sure I have all my meat groups - chicken, fish, pork, beef, lamb, turkey, shrimp and lobster - whether it be ribs, boneless, steaks or slices :p


Oh my!! So you like to cook and are good at it too!! Neat!! :-)
"secret special BBQ sauce" that is neat too, JJ!
Thanks :-)


Loco Coyote
Glen Rose, Texas

Baby Back Pork Ribs


Glen Rose? That place is famous, also, for dinosaur tracks in a sumpin like that?? And some big rock in Big Rocks park ;-)

Thanks for the info, ND. I googled it and it looks like a pretty neat place, saw a photo of Gary Nunn(sp) on their site :-)

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