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which is better? Hot fudge sunday over top a chewy brownie or a banana split with extra cherries?


Well its the matter of opinion (of course).

In my opinion you definatly got to go for the chocolate heaven!!! Really now what crazy can refuse a hot fudge sunday over top a chewy brownie. A pleasure for you mouth. Life at its greatest! I am not a bannana split fan. Nothing agaisnt them they are also good but they are not even in the same book as a HFS W/ a CB.



for me a banana split with extra cherries :)

take care


The hot fudge sundae will get you to Heaven faster in more than one way.




Yes they are both better in their given time .
They are two different Sundaes and to a person who loves their junk food on any given day the choice could be either of these.

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