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Any suggestions for fun food and entertainment for a High School Graduation celebration?

We are having a graduation party for our son this weekend at our home, I am looking for quick but great tasting food ideas, and also ideas for fun for the graduating teenagers. Please share any you may have.

Pizza, ice cream, cool DJ


dancing- build a platform or use a garage, outfit with christmas lights. No adults need watch. Dancings not a spectator sport for teenagers.Hire a DJ. Short Bingo game with Cds or DvDs as prizes, ask your kid which ones. Everybody puts a question in a "hat" the one who draws the question HAS to answer it ,or pay a penalty- something stupid- like walk on your hands, say a poem,etc. Make list of penaltys, answerer picks one from another hat.


nachos.... pizza..... popcorn...... fresh fruit......

 when one of my sons graduated, they put up a bulletin board with a younger photo of them and the kids all stood around guessing who was who.... it was great!!!

Pretzel Logic:

Chocolate fountains go over great with the kids you can have fruits to dip like strawberries, gram crackers, pretzels the list is endless. Kids love it. Also have horseshoes, bat mitten, volleyball, swimming if possible and of course music.


An Ice cream Sunday Bar or a Smoothie Bar


Smoothie Bar! Wow! My son would love that...he is always trying to create smoothies! Thanks!


Check out this website:
It has great tips, ideas, recipes and much much more - and everything's on video!

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