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If everyone was sent an absentee ballot once they're 18, and by default registered decline to state,

do you think a lot more people would be involved with and interested in politics and their economy?Why isn't it done this way if a democracy is a peoples government?

Either that, or start charging citizens $50.00 for each election that they do not participate in.

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Reverse Poll tax....interesting

Mac....Of Moot and Mac:

Young voters as a whole don't understand how much their participation or lack there of, affects them for many years. Thank goodness, that many in other age brackets get it.


I think more people would vote. The quality of the voters would likely suffer however, as there would not necessarily be a reason to research anything and potentially just fill in some bubbles.


Voting is a privilege and you shouldn't have to beg them to do it. If they don't want to vote then they should not have to.


I think that if your required to register for the service once your 18 to help serve your country, then you should also be required to assist in the decision making process that runs the country you live in.


thank they would get lots more if they were sent to people to start with.


I don't think it would increase interest...those that are interested manage to vote, either in person or by absentee.
Voters tend to be well educated and interested in the issues. Do we really want to encourage the uneducated to vote?


Many registered practicing voters are just as uneducated, and only do it because it is what their family/friends did or told them to do.


All the more reason to not encourage more voting.


I think maybe more people would remember to vote but I don't think it would increase their political awareness or economic awareness. I think schools should restructure their programs to involve kids in politics and economics. I personally like my elementary schools political program and a class I had during summer school for economics.

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