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how many qna members have to cook supper every night ?

just wunderin ,i go to the food tag and its not much cooking happening ,is there an msn board that has cooking only ?
Chicago Lady:

Hi grammaw! I do cook supper every night but because I often work long hours, I try to do all my cooking on the weekend, and freeze dinners ahead, where they just have to be heated up.

As for food-related questions, I recently answered a question from Willow about cookie decorating, and from Little Tweets about cake baking. Just save the "food" tag to your alerts and the questions will come to your email. Or, just click on the "food" tag on QnA's Home Page and all the related questions will pop up.

Good to see you!! What are you cooking today?

Chicago Lady:

Here are some of the latest QnA questions with the "Food" tag...


hi cl ,i dont know what i am going to cook ,i keep going to the freezer haven't made my mind up yet ,and i also cook to freeze ,i freeze every thing thats left lol ya never know when you might need it and i will save the tag that is good advise some how i miss the questions .......god bless


hey, grammaw, when you gonna put up an avatar?... so you stop blending in with all the other blue people?


porky when i can get some one to do it for me lol ...god bless

One Twisted Child:

I do, if I want to eat that is :)
As for a cooking only board, I have no idea, but I will see what I can come up with for you.


thank you otc ,i came on this morning looked around i found it boring so i decided the food tag .nah ,i think this place is slowing down ,but i will love it if you can find one ................god bless

One Twisted Child:

Try these ones Grammaw, if they aren't what you are looking for let me know and I will keep searching


i like the www.cheftalk if i can figure my way it seems to be the one so far thank you lol you know i got lazy and did not type the whole link but it is in your comment if some one else wants to go thank you and may god bless us all


I cook every meal around here. Once a month the Wife might pop in a meatloaf(store bought) or some other frozen dish. She'd rather eat what I cook or go out to dinner though. I don't know about cooking only but MSn does have a site called DELISH find it here


thank you i went to the link ,i haven't figured it out yet but it seems like it is ,recipe on demand and not live ,i would like to help people learn ,soooooooooooo god bless


I do. I cook 3 meals a day for others.


and you are a good cook people our age cook and some younger ones too ,i was beginning to think home cooking was obsolete lol .....god bless


I have to cook every night, I have 6 in my family and people that drop in pretty much every night for dinner, so if I didn't cook there would be some problems, I love to cook so its normally not a problem, I do however find it challenging to offer more selection in meals on a budget and am always trying to find good economical alternatives to serving the same old things every week. I love to experiment with different recipes even though I rarely follow a recipe when cooking, I like to add my own twist on everything. I would be interested in a MSN cooking board too.


eggsactly ,i might be able to learn something too ,im a southern cook but i have seen some northern food on here i would like to try ,i keep my cupboards full of the basics ,i can whip up something when money is tight ya know ,good cooks can cook on a dime we had too and now it is paying off with the economy the way it is home cooking is the way to go .....god bless


I do and I've asked a few food related questions, I've answered a few also. I'm about to post a food related question right now.


im lookin for ya lol ,i found some and ended up voting ba but i like that too ...god bless


well unfortunatly that is another one of my many chores... i do not like to cook.... but i have children, so therefore, i have to LOL... i am not one of those woman that enjoy cooking!.. i like to throw meat and potatoes and veggies in the crock pot and come home, whalay, dinner is done.... my oldest son, though, he has learned to love cooking... he really gets in the kitchen, makes a big ol mess... and usually comes out with something yummy!.....


you have a talent porky not every one can master crock pot cooking ,it does take practice and you have mastered it so have i, i love crock pots they are a life saver ...god bless

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