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If you could travel in time, where would you go?

and why?

back in time that is, as the future isn't a time but a theoretical place


September 10, 2001.
If there was something I'd be able to do to stop the attacks, I would. But, if not, I would just love to experience even just one more day of the pre-9/11 world.


great answer, you got my vote....if you could go back do you think anyone would listen?


Probably not. But can you imagine what that would feel like trying to make your case until you're blue in the face to no avail. And then the next morning comes....That would be the worst " I told you so" in history.


to the future to find out what will happen so I can avoid or profit form what ever the future brings lol


No where. I would stay put.


to 2012 to watch the aleged end of the world.


it has been said that there is a 4 year discrepancy between the 2 calendars, and that THIS may be the actual year 2012 of the Mayan Calendar. R U Ready?

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