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Should Paul McCartney be arrested for paying for a mistress? See details...

Heather Mills (McCartney's now ex-wife) will be awarded $50 million dollars from the divorce settlement. They were married June 2002 (approx. 6 years). That means she made $8.3 million dollars a year, which is about $23 thousand a day, which is about $950/hour!That is less then New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer was paying for his mistress! does this explain McCartney's relationship with Heather Mills?(I didn't use the P word so I didn't have to tag it as MC)

An outrageous sum, to be sure. The difference being that McCartney actually married her. That was his stupid mistake I guess.


What if they only got "married" as a cover up! The world will never know. Oh well.


A cover up for what? Now if we were talking about Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie, you might have a point there.


You're right. Now I need to look up what Lisa Marie got from her divorce settlement (if anything).



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