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Marvin S.

Who is going to facebook will you change your name or are we invisible?

I wouldn't mind keeping some QnA going.. Is there another site besides yahoo we can use.. I like this one because rude/obnoxious behavior is not tolerated well.. any idea? If anyone wants to keep in touch you can visit my profile and leave an email. I still haven't figured out anything but reply or I would ask you guys.. d.d.b Mama Norm and Mom or course.. billy and madad.. thanks guys! : )

Temporarily we are at these two sites but we will be at one again soon. It is in the works.


I am not going to face book momaholic.... i will go to yahoo and answerbag at least for now... yahoo I am ♥mom♥ and answerbag I am heartmomheart.... I did try some of the forums that other users have started, but I am blond and have trouble navigating them :)))
I hope you will look for me!!! I will send you my email.... I would love to stay in touch!!


mom, come join us. We will be one again soon. OTC and Chad are putting together as site just for us

Marvin S.:

Just checking my Qs signed off then back on.. I am also blond and I am having a tough time navigating through something new.. hang in there mom.. we'll get there! lol


Don't be silly, I too am blonde, or at least I used to be, kinda caramely now. But you should come and join us at the other site.


Nope, don't like all the extra junk on Facebook.


Hi BK, Thank you for being such a good gentleman to all the ladies here..I know for sure I'm going to miss you!!! Take care!!!

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