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Is there any alternative 'question and answer' site that you'll use after QnA beta is closed down ?

Will you go to other 'question and answer' website after this site is closed down? I think I'll use back - Yahoo! Answers - after this. I had used Yahoo! Answers before but I got kicked out of the site 3 times after violation of rules, so I use QnA beta after that and found it to be a great site. 1 feature that this site has and Yahoo! Answers don't have is: here you can seek opinions, there you can't. This is a great feature, I like it! But this site is going to be closed down. Sad... Why ???

I hear several people are going to Answerbag... (I joined yesterday)
I have been on QnA, wandered away, wandered back and came back to the site yesterday to realize it was going away. Quite sad. I like coming here with my questions and when time allows, I like to converse. I have missed people on here, but I always knew I could jump on and say hi. Kinda sad that it is going away.


I've tried Yahoo Answers and loike yourself I hated that you cannot really seek opinions an certain's more of a factual annswer website.

No.....I won't be going anywhere else!


Actually on reflection I might try 'answerbag'
I'm too used to logging on to QnA to just quit asking and answering questions! :-)


Yeah I agree with you on the Yahoo! Answers thing. We cannot seek opinions and etc... because it's like chatting. They don't allow chat there. Yeah, Yahoo! Answers is more of a factual answer website. I feel like Yahoo! Answers is quite strict! It's more fun here on QnA! But sad. It's going away... 

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