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this is me folks, been on here so long as a castle that the plaster is starting to crack and my

grandson Shea 5months ago, it will be here for a wee while then im back to the castle to have it repaired



i know isnt he gorgeous, you should see him now, hes sooooooooooo plesent and happy

Rettag:'s looking at you kid...


Perfect answer. I'll just add that is nice to see you.


thank you, nice to se you to


Congratulations smudge., Need a hand with that castle?


oh yea, im going to need all the help i can get, its bad sooooooooooo bad lol


Aw...How special! !!!! !!! TY for sharing! :))



my pleasure


Have an awesome Summer with that Grand Baby! :)XO


Hi smudge....he is adorable!


he is, thanks


Nice to see you smudge. The little one is cute.


he is, he 6months now and a big lump, lol


I always thought u would have curley hair!!


i do, i just straighten a lot
i think i will have to return to the castle

Dollar brand:

Good to see ya smudge, little babies are so precious.......I am enjoying seeing all the real take care..


Thanks BJ, its only up for a while, just to let people know what i do look like, that im not just four walls lol

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