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Ranger Dave:

Dear Tanya,
Congregations' on wanting to work and asking other for their ideas. Mine are because of your age: badysitting, ask the neighbors if they have ANYTHING they need or want done, you might walk by and look at the house do you notice anything that might need to be done?, ask your parents and friends for ideas about what they would want done then submit these ideas of what you would do for the neighbors as a paying service (The idea is to not leave it up to them to say what they want or need done they may not take you seriously or would just say "Oh no I can not think of anything to do". Then leave you without when they have a ton of thing to do.) Do not be afraid to make a small investment in tools and other items that interest you and that might be used to help you with you work (what I am thinking is do you like yard work? This could be something you could invest in and do later sense it is a hobby already.) Computer suave if nothing else works out do not despair volunteering can lead into work sometimes when we give away we get back more then we could have asked for or dreamed of. I hope this helps you. Again I commend you on wanting to work. I do not know you and I am proud of you.

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