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I lost my task manager to a virus.

Here is the run down:ctrl+alt+del brings up message that says u dont have admin privlages even if you are the adminit runs win xp (i believe)

I've seen this before. Here's the fix:


Follow my procedures, Hopefully it should fix it

1.] In Start -> Run type: "RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 0" (w/o) quotes
2.] Locate and select the "View" Tab
3.] At the bottom should be a checkbox entitled "Use simple fiel sharing (recommended)" ensure that this is unticked / not selected;
4.] Apply Changes; OK
5.] In Start -> Run type: "shell:system" or "%windir%\system32"
6.] Locate the file "taskmgr.exe" / "taskmgr"
7.] Bring up the File's Properties; ALT+Enter or Right Click -> Properties
8.] Locate the Security Tab, and Select The "Administrators" group
9.] Ensure that in the Permissions; Allow is selected for all privilages.
10.] Click the "Advanced" button
11.] Under permission entries select "Administrators"
12.] Ensure that the checkbox entitled "Inherit from parent the permissions entries that apply to child objects. Includes these entries explicitly defined here" is checked
13.] Select the "Owner" Tab
14.] Select "Administrators"
15.] Save Changes, Apply -> OK

If this does not work, start from step 8 and replace in every instance that i mentioned "Administrator" try it for your user name.

However if you get it working i would try and see if you can re-do all steps due to the fact that your user maybe the only one with exclusive permissions.

Hope this helps!!!!


thnxs ill see if it works

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