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How do you Enable\Disable a wireless card while logged in to XP without access to Device MGR?

This is an attemp to find a regestry edit or something like that to give restricted users the ability to enable a wireless card without giving them full access through active directory.

Given the fact that you have a limited account you can do next to nothing, including managing hardware.

you cannot modify or maintain any registry settings.

so your only option is to change your account into a power user or an admin.

1.] restart you computer
2.] press f8 before the windows loading screen to view a selection of startup options.
3.] select "safe mode"
4.] try to login to an admin account preferably administrator as it may not have a password.
5.] start -> run -> "control userpasswords2" (w.o quotes)
6.] locate your user account, and then select properties
7.] goto the "Group Memberships" tab and attempt to change it to a admin account or power user.
8.] Admin Account = "Other" ComboBox then "Administrators"
Power Users Account = Standard Users Radio Button
9.] Accept changes and then restart.

you should be able to use device manager.

hope this helps m8!

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