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What are the Best Prices online?

Considering you cant research and compare for individual products, how do you determine that one website has better rates than the other? Does Price comparison websites are any good?

There are some others out there too.


Most of those price comparison web sites are 'for fee'. So those vendors paid to be listed on them (regardless of what the vendor charges for stuff).
Ask your friends and online community what vendors they use/trust/recommend and check those specific web sites. Otherwise you could spend a significant amount of time researching for those cheap prices and end of not really saving anything. is a good clearinghouse of end-user reviews of online shopping outlets.
Just remember to read those reviews with a grain of salt. Some people just seem to what to post negative/flaming reviews online.


normally,,some of the online shop may do both retail and wholesale.And I know a one,that is many friends of mine order from them.And they are satisfied with their cheap price and good quality.My friends they just get together,and buy together,so they could get wholesale price,may we can call best price.

Elinestore: is the best
everyone can enjoy shopping every time

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