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What makes "Time Travel" possible?


One of the things that makes "Time Travel" possible is that space can bend. The more mass of an object, the more space and time is bent. If time travel is possible you would not be sent back in time in this reality, but to an alternate reality. This would make paradoxs possible, an oxymoron if i ever heard one. This is because if you went back in time but were in an alternate universe, which have genarally been proved to exist, if you killed the you in that reality or did anything that might change the course of history it would not affect you as you would be indipendant from the people and path of that universe. If time travel is possible it would probably require all the mass in the universe contained in a single point.


It is the invention of the flux capacitor in Back to the Future.


You got it... Think outside the box, happy holidays.


We are always traveling through time.


Time travel means going back and forth in time. This is possible and many have already attempted it. The only problem is that time is convoluted on space where physical material and states take shape and norm, hence any time travel leads to a different time in the past or in the future and that time is different than the one we bear on our present path and thus it leads us to a different space where physical material and states may take different shapes and norms.

In other words, if you travel back or forward in time leaving the time and space you are currently in, you go to a new universe where you will have the time you wanted but it will not be the universe you wanted. Which universe you will end up is only open to the quantum entanglement...


According to Einstein, nothing.


yep I gotta agree with that. we all have heard that God does not play dice with the universe. but does that mean Einstein was religious or did it refer to something else?


Einstein's comment was mainly that he didn't like the randomness that seems inherent to quantum mechanics.


Doesn't Einstein's theory of relativity deal with, among other things, the possibility of time travel?


we travel through time on a daily basis but it only seem like your traveling through time as you get older...

Ace Investor:

Simply going fast makes time travel possible. With the theory of relativity, time will stop if you travel at the speed of light. This is very much complicated and almost near impossible to achieve, however alternatives lie in space to possibly achieve the same effect, some such as wormholes and blackholes that are physically present and have oppurtune to infact work.

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