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Do you think our Forest Service Fire Fighters should risk their lives to protect a house?

On the news today they discussed the large annual increases in deaths among USFS fire fighters over the last 10 years. The numbers have gone from 3-6 deaths/year to over 20/year. I know the budget cuts they face and the lack of exposure but we owe them so much for risking their lives and now it is often to save a multi-million $ house in a high fire risk area. What do you think?

Not at all.


I don't get it, there are fires several times bigger up here without roads for the firecrews (aka smokejumpers) to use, and we have WAY less fatalities...I don't know why California firefighters keep getting killed.


I don't think it's anything about the fires that has changed recently.

They're bigger, but that shouldn't be too hard to deal with, if you know how to get out of the way and you don't have to do it on foot, it shouldn't be as dangerous as it's become.


The fires have become worse because the government has required that they all be put out ASAP. This seems to make sense but in a natural forest, fire is a normal part of the evolution. It clears out "fuel" dead trees etc. that build up over time and make a wildfire but much hotter and more intense than if you sometime due a prescribed burn or let a small fire burn itself out if it poses ne threat to anyone. This makes way for new seedlings and you species take over an area. This policy , over time, make the wildfires that start far more dangerous and harder to control than they would otherwise be.


Short answer is no but, they are trained to take a measured amout of risk to save life and property, that said, nothing is worth losing your life over, except maybe honor and freedom.

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