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Politics junkie

Is any body else experiencing lag, warp, latency or delays on QnA, MySpaces, MSN? Internet Gremlins?

My hard drive is getting battered! -=wtf=-

You bet I am!!!!!!

Politics junkie:

Its soo bad for me *Jewel* I dont wanna be here. :(

Brain freeze:

yes I am, it sucks to......

Politics junkie:

it does! somethings afoot here! Yooooo Qnateam tell us!


My pages r opening, then disappearing and opening again. S - L - O - W - - - -only when theyve opened again, may i type!!!

Politics junkie:

Yes, that kind of thing cy, qnateam, answer us! -=wtf=- is going on! we have problems! and where the beta's so HELP us!


QnA's badly constipated today! needs a fat suppository in it's behind...

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