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Help with Flight Simulator X Graphics Settings.

I just bought Flight Simulator X and I am having a bit of a hard time trying to balance Performance and quality. Here are my specs:Windows XP Pro. (SP2)Intel Celeron D 3.22GHz512MB of memoryNvidia GeForce 6200OC (PCI)The game seems to lag a bit on the higher setting, but I'd like it to preform well and look good. What are some suggested settings I could try? Thanks.

Thanks! Yeah, the ground res. seems to kill it a bit. I already have the traffic set low. I'll give it shot.


FSX seems to get just below 20FPS with most people I fly with on multiplayer. Try flying in just multiplayer if you have a good internet connection and it should run a lot smoother than in free flight mode. Also adjust your traffic ie: if you're flying over an ocean then only use boat traffic and if you're on land than use a little of both general aviation and airliners. Ground resolution is what kills me the most. Try adjusting it to a slightly lower setting if the traffic doesn't help.

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