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Sexy Boi

Why dont a lot of insurance companies cover smoking cessation programs? Read details.......

Insurance companies say the effects of smoking are costing them millions each year. Why are people who are trying to quit not getting any help from their insurance company? I think it would make sense to incur the smaller cost now as opposed to the long term cost.

Insurance companies don't like incurring costs at all!!! They prefer taking your money! Face it, they've already done the math and figured the odds! The only way you win with them is if you loose something to begin with!

Sexy Boi:

My insurance would pay for the sedation for a breast augmentation, but not for a pill or a patch or anything. Does that make sense?


Doesn't make sense to me, there's an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Paying for smoking cessation aids would sure be cheaper than paying for treatments for lung cancer and other smoking-related diseases.

Sexy Boi:

That's kind of what I thought too. THanks for answering!


They do! Quit smoking and your rates go down. Spend a little to save a lot. If the smoker is not willing to do so, then why would the insurance company be expected to pay up front. Kind of speaks towards the motivation of the smoker to quit, doesn't it.

Don't light the match...there, you've just quit smoking, send your check to SkiNS.

Sexy Boi:

They will pay for help with alcohol addiction but not nicotine. They are both addictions.


With Nicotine, withdrawal amounts to headaches, cravings, and being jittery for some time. Any person can medically simply stop lighting the match. End. Done. Stopped. Period. Nicotine is an addiction (the person really wants it), not a dependency (the body relies on the stimulation to function). After 40 years of heavy smoking(in spite of family and friends protest), my mother had enough of a medical scare she simply quit. Knowing her and numerous other's history, I will say without reservation that anyone who WANTS to quit, will quit. No Gum, no patch, no gradual reduction, no bio-feedback psychotherapy, just quit. Need outside motivation, ask you friendly local coroner if you could attend the autopsy of a smoker about your age. It won't cost you a cent and you will never smoke again.

Alcoholics and some other drug addicts become dependent on their drug, and an attempt to quit cold turkey can result in psychosis, serious medical issues, and death.

Although smoking does increase the chances of an auto accident, it is a fairly predictable increase and has long been calculated into the payment a smoker makes. It increased accidents due to distraction, more than impairment.
Alcohol via drunk driving kills 17,000 each year. Studies show other drugs are involved in many of the death and injury accidents.

Because of the complications, and hazards to other people, it makes sense to cover their treatment.


Many, in fact, do. There is also the indirect coverage of having the premium rates reduced.

Sexy Boi:


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