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How do I get the iexplore.exe process to terminate from the task mgr processes when browser closes?

I'm running Windows XP (Home Edition)

I am not sure why you would want to end this process since Windows itself uses some of the components attached to IE in your everyday desktop use. You might experience issues by closing this process. If you still want to though you would do it as listed by the first two posters.


CTRL ALT DELETE and find it under processes or applications.. and end


Go to the task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL or Start > Run > taskman.exe), go to the processes tab, click iexplore.exe, hit your delete key or press end process and click yes. It should be instantly gone.


I take it your question is asking how to make it quit fully itself rather than asking how to have to do it manually each time.
If your browser is not exiting properly then an add-in is a likely suspect. Have a look in Internet Options as in there is a button "Manage Add-Ons" that you can use to disable some things. Another possibility is malware - try something like AdAware. Personally I would want to see a HijackThis log from such a PC - but that's something for techies.

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