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whats the difference between democrats and republicans?


The Demo's are somewhat dependent on a permanent class of victims so they can bambooze, blame shift and dance every 4 years, Scapegoating 1/2 of the country for the failure of their social engineering and re-distribution of hard earned money plan. Simply stated, the Demo's like to hand out fish, the Republicans like to hand out fishing poles. The Republicans are are also Very Pro Business with the understanding that lining up at the timeclock is way more liberating than lining up for your "free" cheese. The internet has enough international news sources for you to start making INFORMED choices. Please vote, regardless of your preference.
Good Luck


too many to list!


Democracy' (literally "rule by the people")is a form of government. Today, the term democracy is often used to refer to liberal democracy but there is no necessity that democracies are liberal (i.e. respectful of individual liberty and property) and in some cases may be illiberal democracies. There are many other varieties and the methods used to govern differ. While the term democracy is typically used in the context of a political state, the principles are also applicable to other bodies, such as universities, labor unions, or civic organizations.

A Republic is a form of government maintained by a state or country whose sovereignty is based on popular consent and whose governance is based on popular representation and control. Several definitions stress the importance of the rule of law as part of the requirements for a republic.


the size of their pile of BS!!!!!!!

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