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Who want to chat with me? I'm a Chinese student.I intrested in programing.(I'm learning c#)

my windows live messager ID is [email protected]

Add me, I'm very glad to talk to you. :-)


I would enjoy to talk to you if you want but I am to young toknow much about programming. If you want to contact me go to [email protected]


Thanks from millions on posting your Email address




你學到了什麼?我只知道 有一些javascript的列子。


Heya, won't mind chatting. I'm into web dev myself. PHP4/5, ASP 3, ASP.NET (C#), Coldfusion, Ruby, Actionscript 2.0/3.0, Perl and the markup languages: (X)HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, etc.

ASP.NET is my youngest language, so a C# buddy would help loads!


I wouldn't mind talking to you. I have experience in many languages.


If you want me to add you, post a comment and we can talk.

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