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is there anyway that I can bypass my school's firewall to get on myspace or facebook?

My school is being a real pain in the rear about blocking myspace and facebook from ALL the computers on the campus. Even if you have a laptop, you can't get into these sites. All that I know is that they are using StBernard stuff to block it and i have heard of ppl bypassing it and I would like to know how.

Have you ever considered that your school is blocking MySpace for a reason?

Instead of looking for ways to circumvent their IT policy, you could be spending your time in a more productive manner.

And remember then when you take a job, you could find yourself working at a place that also blocks certain site that you want to visit... and trying to circumvent their IT policy will result in more severe consequences than detention.

In other words, get over it ./.


Think alike great minds do.
See, I'm even talking like Yoda now!


JC is correct.

By working through a Proxy, you may also be offering school's network up to attack. There may even be criminal implications in your efforts.

Keep your mind on learning when you are in school and you will be FAR better off.

Good luck.


i think this will work,

press and hold "CTRL" while you press the last button to log on, because it bypasses the security wall


Schools and a lot of businesses block these types of websites to keep people from using resources for personal stuff.
If you are using school property, it should be used for school pursuits and once you're in the work world, no one will pay you to goof off on myspace all day.
Save the personal stuff for at home.




tag ...LOL we said almost exactly the same thing!

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