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and that other stuff just the i am using avg 7 but i wont to know if theres a free bullguard

antivirus scanner i don't need firewall and that other stuff just the anti-virus

I personally use NOD32 on all of my systems. It is one program that runs in the background and does multiple hecks for you. It takes up very little resources. ou can check it out at They have a fact page that compares their product with several of the popular ones. I have caught more viruses trying to get into my systems with NOD32 then I did with all the other brand virus protection suites.


Bullgard is only so-so. AVG is vastly superior. If you want to try Avast!, BItDefender, adn others there are linkf from my security page ...

Lots of scary news links as well. Enjoy!


there's a good norton 2005 SE for free:
you can download it there for free. it's a Special Edition of norton. you can't download it from, but look up, it's legemite. It works for me!!

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