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Wouldn't make better sense if the "Answering Phase" is Closed from Voting?

Since there IS a sufficiently long enough Voting Phase."Closed" Answering Phase will:1) allow all "potentially best" answers to be submitted.2) avoid "first come, first voted for", 3) thus eliminate "racing" answers too often with compromised quality, and4) encourage more numbers of "slow answers".P.S. I understand that many people are more likely to push the 'vote' button during an answering phase - which is good for numbers - BUT dilutes the purpose of selecting the "best" answers by their qualities rather than speed . (The tire-breaker fariness is plenty for rewarding the speedier)

Just an observation in your tagging you should include qnateam. That tag is on their alerts and will be read by them. If you have a good suggestion such as this, then we want the team to read and consider. I'm sure that the serious users read all the answers before voting on a best one but your point is well-taken. There are times however I get an answer to my question and all others are superflous so I can vote fairly. I vote less frequently because I've limited the amount of time I devote to QnA this summer. I'm enjoying my spare time with my other family, but I do vote on all the questions I ask.


I'll take note on the tag. I just thought what the voting during answering phase serve if can (shall) vote in a voting phase?

Thanks bunches Jackie.


can't you go back and change your vote?
i know on the questions you asked you can.


Not unless you follow it. Some just push vote buttons and may never return during "voting phase" for full review of ALL answers.


Why would anyone vote before answering is closed? I rather enjoy reading ALL the answers and comments to questions.


Self-evidently, (by the results of No. 1 answers in time win as best answers, regardless of the quality, such as "good question!" lol), more than just some vote come in during an answering phase or even the first moment after a question is answered, and never get corrected/revoted later.

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