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What is the biggest fundamental problem with the Internet?

This is somewhat opinion-based, of course. So, in your opinion, what's the biggest problem with the way the internet is built? The biggest problem with the underlying foundation of the internet, the backbone, at its most fundamental?

Low bandwidth last mile connections, is the most frustrating issue for customers. And if you are looking for technical problems, IMO, it is the lack of QoS in the core network, i.e., there is no way to provide different types of services delay sensitive/error tolerant multimedia streams, and delay tolerant/error sensitive data streams, though the situation is improving with increased use of <a href="">RSVP</a> and <a href="">IPv6</a>. And of course the lack of trust/privacy problems, but they are not a problem of the backbone network but of applications which use the network.


Its openness makes it vulnerable to misuse.

But like any other great advances of the past, we have to balance the good that it provides (fantastic access to information, increased productivity, convenience, etc.) with the dangers it invites (hacking, terrorist communications, identity thefts, etc.).


A future obstacle will probably be the conversion of necessary hardware to human tissue.

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