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I have a Dell XPS with two "hidden" partitions. One is quite large. What are they?

I don't like to waste drive space...especially on my 10K Raptor drive. What the heck is dell hiding there?!

Allwindows have an index.dat file that is VERY hard to get to. It logs all your Internet usage, and it logs all the messages that come into Outlook Express or Microsoft Office Outlook. There is free software on the Internet that lets you view and erase all those files. Just do a web search for "index.dat eraser" and you should find something.


At the beginning of the disk is a small Utility Partition, This partition contains diagnostic utilities, the files that launch the restore process, and the Dell Licence screen you see when you turn on the computer for the first time. The large partition at the end of the disk is the Restore Partition, this contains Symantec Ghost and an image file of the HD as it was configured by Dell.

All Dells have a Utility Partition but only some have a Restore Partition.


I've got Vista now. Should I delete that second partition?


There is a normally a small partition that is at the beginning of a hard drive that contains your MBR and other boot-up stuff.

The second partition is either for a Dell restore or for Window's Hibernation. If it is for the Dell restore then the only safe way to get rid of it is to install a non-Dell copy of Vista. If it is for the Hibernation then, if you do not need Hibernation, you can turn it off and free up the space.

Hope that helps!


Ah, all companies "hide" stuff. Like "backweb" and there is the "paging file" all kinds of gunk.


One is probably a back up partition. The other may just be some Dell files.. I don't know really. I got a Dell laptop last November and remember there being more than one partition as well. It has Linux on it now. ;) (wish I would have put it on there in the first place to get rid of the Windows "tax")

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