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Which social networking service do you use Windows Live Spaces, facebook or MySpace?

Which service do you believe works better Windows Live Spaces, facebook or MySpace?

I'm really TRYING to use the Live Spaces, but it's really clumsy. Facebook is somehow more...uh...more 'instant'. (I don't mean faster...I just mean that it seems people can jump in and get instant connectivity with friends.
Facebook has two drawbacks: the new design is somehow not as 'instant' as the old one; and it's WAY better if you avoid all the stupid 'apps' and stick to the core applications (plus maybe a couple of other favourites).


I only use Facebook, because it was originally only open to my fellow college students. When it was opened up to everyone it is starting to go down hill, but I still think it is better the MySpace. I have never tired or looked at Live Spaces, so I can give a answer to that.

Hope that helps!

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