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Should we just consider Canada and Mexico as part of the U.S.A why or why not? LOL


Mexico is a sovereign country and Canada is part of the British Commonwealth don't we spread our selves a little thin as it is?
In Canada all healthcare is free(but you pay for it in taxes) in Mexico there isn't much tax but there isn't much work. The British are about the only ones on our side so why fight them for Canada and who wants Toronto? If Mexico were part of the US who would mow our lawn, take our trash, clean our houses and tend our children.


Because Canada and Mexico are NOT part of the US, period. They are independent countries with their own laws and customs.


Well, it's a little too late for the NOT part of that.
Members of all three of the governments have already signed the 'Security and Prosperity partnership of North America'
Go check it out for yourselves.
It's really not too big of a deal....if you consider the gutting of The United States no big'll think the same of this.
Ask yourself....Why HAVE the boarders been wide open? Was it to protect us?
Paranoid? bet!!!


No. Both Canada and Mexico are sovereign nations and are not part of the US. In years to come we will likely work much closer together for common interest and in order to better compete against the EU but we have different social structures and lifestyles that set us apart from each other.


Geographically they're part of the same land mass and geologically, they're part of the same plate system, but culturally and politically, they're different. What the politicians and big business seem to want is full economic integration, and what the American people do not seem to want are loss of jobs and cultural and linguistic identity. So, it seems to me that business and our current government sees only the sunny side of it, and many US citizens see only the dark side.

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