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How do I close a commenting account? I accidently voted on it :|


Since you let us know, i don't think it would be a problem :) However, if you just leave ur account unused for months...i think it gets least it does for hotmail...since hotmail and QnA requires same user ID and pw...i hope same thing goes with QnA.

You can follow following steps to del your hotmail account...a while ago i had followed thse steps...and they said the account was deleted but i was still able to log in with same user ID and pw...idk...perhaps it might work for u.

Log in to ur hotmail account
1) Click Help on any Hotmail page (usually top right-hand corner).

2) Type Close Account in the keyword search section of the Help screen.

3) Click the Close Your Account link within the Help screen.

4) Click the go to the Close Account link that is highlighted in blue


It's a gmail account and I voted for Gillan 69 on one question :P


u kidding, right? :D MS would never ever support anything other then them :P

btw, there is easy working way to del gmail account as well.


I don't want to delete the gmail account, I want to delete the windows live ID associated with it.

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