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My exchange student wants to take a laptop computer back to Turkey with her. Will she pay a tax?

I can not find the custom laws for the country Turkey

Yeah, we don't have an FTA with Turkey so there is going to be an import duty.


oh my god, IQs have dropped suddenly.

If she posts it then yes probably will be an import tax, if she takes it with her (as the question suggests) they cant charge her tax on something she might have already brought there!

can you imagin all the business men being charged import tax on their laptops every time they come in to the country!

ive been there several times an its never happened to me


i dont see why, that would emply that everyone taking a laptop to work over there would have to pay as well, which, from experience isnt the case.

i suggest she takes it out of the box and pretends shes had it for a while if anyone asks.....which i seriously doubt!

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