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How2check whether my WinXP Professional Product Key/COA is genuine n never been registered by anyone

Just few days back I bought Dell PC n received free Windows XP Professional CD & COA....I want to know whether my COA/Product key is used n registered by some one before buying my PC...before registration & activation of my Genuine copy I want to confrm whether COA is already used by someone to activate/register this copy or not
Lee A. Hopkins:

What does that matter?

Those XP keys allow you to register about 3 computers right at the same time with no time period and after that it needs time before being able to validate/activate again.

If you bought the Dell new, then that product key is 100% yours, if you were really that hardcore about knowing if it's been used (highly unlikely) then I would suggest calling Microsoft Licensing Support.


Actually just after 2 days my bro re-installed OS from CD that I got free with my PC...he installed it without COA n now everyday I'm getting msg to activate my copy...
but before activation I want to confrm whether it was allready activated by some one....I hav some doubt, I know product key is 100% mine but not sure its not been activated by someone


Here is the link to Microsoft's online product validation site. Click the "Validate WIndows" button and that's it!

<a href="">The Windows Genuine Advantage </a>

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