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my friend bought a pc from yard sale and the pc has two user accounts with passwords and know we

cant get on to the pc what do you do

reistall the whole os(operating system)


press f8 after the bios screen...
then select safe mode... by default the administrator account is left with out a password...
if it has a password you can look for something called erd commander or any password removal software... look for it on the internet...
if it doesn't have a password the administrator account would open, select users and from every user remove the password...


this is for windows xp


If it's a Dell, press Ctl-F11 to access the hidden reset partition, then follow the onscreen instructions to reset the OS to it's original settings. Otherwise delete both accounts, then log on with the Admin account and create your own accounts, you may have to use SafeMode to access the Administrator Account. AS a final option download knoppix or another NTFS reader and delete the accounts remotely


Go back to the yard sale & ask them, I can't believe someone would sell a computer & not clean up all their crap on it...

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