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i hit a deer only have liability want to give it back to the dealership can i do that


Hahaha! Would that it were so!! Under what possible circumstance would you be able to "give it back?" I guess you could, though, give it back. They'd probably take a "freebie." But I suspect you're thinking you'll get your money back. Fat chance! Wow. You really do have a problem, though. Even if it totalled your car, you're still on the hook for any financing you owe. If you don't pay, it'll ruin your credit. See if you can get it fixed bottom line price. And buy collission. I'm sorry for your difficulty. I can sure sympathize. We try to save money. And many times, it backfires. Good luck to you.


No, i don't want my money back, i just hate to pay a car note and i'm not driving it. I was thinking giving it back and them calling it a repo!


If you still owe money on the car, you'd still owe money on t he car. No way around it, Fecoop. If you "call it a repo" -- your credit will suffer DRASTICALLY. Try to find a way around doing that if you can. Remember, you probably don't owe the car dealer the money. You probably owe a finance company the money. Call them -- ask for a high-level manager -- and see what you might work out. **** happens to the best of us. They may work something out with you.


i think you could


But what would be the penalty? would they consider that a repo?


YOU bought the car undamaged.

YOU damaged the car through carelessness ... YES carelessness!

YOU wish to make someone pay for your damage.

YOU are an irresponsible jerk!

PAY for your mistake or live with the damage.


i don't want anybody to pay for my damages!!! I don't want to pay for them, especially when i'm a responsible driver and i hit a deer, which is very common in arkansas. Please don't respond to me anymore.....JERK!!!!!


In some states if you hit a deer and only have liability insurance, the liability will cover the damage IF you report the collision to the Wildlife Department. This happened to a friend of mine a few years ago in SC. Don't know other states.


I don't think anyone is going to take back a damaged deer. Maybe you can eat it?



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