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Is the Earth becoming a better place or worse?

With so much advancement in the field of science and technology, and in the field of medicine. Are we better than our ancestors, are we much safer? or is it just the opposite.
Twisted sal:

I think you can only measure 'better or worse' on a scale of 'wellbeing'. Are we generally feeling happier and more contented than we (or our predecessors) used to feel?

It almost certainly depends where you live on Earth. However, if you took every single person in the world and averaged their measure of happiness/contentment, I would suspect that it would be slightly lower than say, 30 years ago. But really I have no idea!


We are creating two extremes. The poor are just as happy as ever, singing while they draw water from wells 20km from their villiages. The rich are getting less and less content, as they develop new ways to spend their money. For us in the middle though, all we have is the skyrocketing divorce and depression rates. Sure, we live longer, we are healthier, we are richer, we are safer, but are we happy??


Instead of being human, and looking at only the human side of it, look at the larger picture. We may live better, and longer, than we did 50 years ago, but can you see what the cost is? The destruction of our planet.

So, to all of you out there with small children, be sure to tell them to thank you for making their future adult world a worse place.


i think we were better off in years past then we are now, i live through those years and thing seems so much easier then now.




A long time ago it was people that would get all the diseases and die young but now it is the earth that is dieing and people are stronger. I think if things were how it was a long time ago with no gas cars and travel was by horses then the earth would be healthier and it wouldnt have green house gases and ozone problems and global warming. But in the future once they get a renewable fuel source for cars and stuff i think we will be safer and the earth will be better then before.

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