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so is legal and free so cops won't come nocking saying im in trouble or get a letter

in the mail right

Legal and free depends on what you are doing WITH what you see on Joost. It's designed so that you can watch stuff on your computer, and with the right equipment you can stream to your T.V. However, you WILL be violating all kinds of rules if you find a way to download and transfer the content off of Joost (for instance, downloading television shows and making them available via torrent or something). Watching it WILL NOT give you a license to take it and do what you want with it.
If anyone knows different, please correct me here, since I don't currently have an invitation to Joost. But this is the only way I can imagine that Joost avoids lawsuits.


you can't download and/or transfer programs via's not allowed n not possible.


C'mon - give me a break. I can record anything that comes into my computer at any time, it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it. If it goes on my screen it can be recorded. Joost might not 'allow' it by putting safeguards against this kind of thing in thier software, but those can ALWAYS be bypassed. Nothing is impossible where this kind of thing is concerned - as I said, if it hits my comp, I can get it. But I wouldn't, were I to get Joost, because that's pirating and breaking their TOS. I think it's a helluva great idea, and applaud them for creating it, and hope that it really gets popular.


joost (pronounced juiced) is legal. It is free but currently invite only. I can hook u up with 1 invite.


if u want 1, post ur email.

Buck brown:

[email protected] please i'd like to check it out


I have seen the site. Somthing is wrong with that . The police wont come but they will try to get money from you at some point.

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